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With all of the negative news surrounding GM of late, this bit of good news for the General emerged yesterday: GM has closed the gap with #1 Toyota to almost a rounding error. For the 1st half of 2009, GM is 11,000 units behind Toyota in global sales, including beating Toyota by 140,000 in the 2nd quarter. Last year, GM was behind by about 274,000 units. VW is 3rd, but gained on both GM and Toyota.

So how does GM gain while its sales continue to slide?  By Toyota’s sliding even more.  GM’s global sales slid by 22% in the 1st half, while Toyota’s slid by 26%.  VW, which gained on Toyota by more than a million units, saw its sales decline by only 5%.

Ford, which ranks 5th, had the biggest decline of the major companies.  Its sales slid by 31%.

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