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Out to make all the other cars green with envy, Chevrolet introduced a new special version of the hot-selling Camaro this week. Dubbed the Camaro Synergy Special Edition, the new Camaro is a 1LT (V6) with a fancy paint job. Along with the fancy green paint job come racing stripes and a special interior, with Synergy Green instrument panel and door inserts. Synergy Green stitching also accents the Jet Black cloth seats, steering wheel, shift knob and center console.

The Special Edition also includes the Camaro Convenience and Connectivity Package, with Bluetooth phone connectivity, USB port for MP3 players, and remote vehicle start for models equipped with an automatic transmission.

“The Synergy Special Edition package is designed for customers who want a unique performance car at an attainable price,” says Camaro marketing manager John Fitzpatrick. “For under $27,000, Camaro Synergy Special Edition offers standout styling, modern technologies like Bluetooth, and 304 horsepower under the hood.”

This class of car has always been about more than muscle (although muscle is a vital part); it’s been about fashion as well. That’s why Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers and others are among the most customized vehicles. Everybody wants one that is different from everybody else’s. Manufacturers have gotten in on the act, catering to those who have no interest in doing the customizing themselves, but still want the unique look. This is just the latest example. Ford tried to institutionalize this with their Vehicle Personalization division, which met with mixed success.

Back to this car, which is a great looking addition to the already hot Camaro lineup. Synergy will be produced in limited quantities from February to May only, so get yours today!

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