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It all started one day in 2001.  I was lucky enough to “acquire” early passes to the North American International Auto Show – NAIAS – in Detroit.  I went to the show when they were still setting it up.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  When I got back to work the next day, I sent a note to around 15 people telling them about what I saw and letting them know what vehicles they should be sure to see when they went to the show.  I did the same the following year.  I was only seeking to help my friends make good use of their time.  The show has hundreds of cars and trucks, and without a guide, they might miss something good.  Then it happened the next year:  a colleague sent me an e-mail stating that he couldn’t go to the auto show until he read my report of what to see.  I hadn’t even realized that people had paid that much attention to what I said.  Some were actually printing out my e-mail and bringing it with them to the show!  It was then that I realized that this might be my true calling.  After several years of The Slandy Report publishing only for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS – The Detroit Auto Show), we have branched out. The Slandy Report will now provide commentary, opinion and reviews about all things automotive on a regular basis throughout the year. There is no set schedule, but whenever there is news in the automotive world you can count on The Slandy Report to provide our usual unique perspective and cut through all of the bs and tell it like it really is.  We have biases like everybody else, but The Slandy Report is (and always will be) independent – we are not paid for or beholden to anybody (but we’re willing to listen).

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