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The Slandy Report Staff

10th October 2008


Slandy is our publisher, editor and chief writer. He is a former automotive industry finance and marketing professional. He has significant experience in the trenches of one of the companies formerly known as the Big 3. He worked in manufacturing, product development and marketing (including pricing, sales forecasting and fleet) for 15 years. One day, he decided that his services were no longer required and got a new job outside of the industry. He continues to be somewhat obsessed with the car biz. He’s been told to seek professional help, but says that people just don’t understand.  Want to know why he’s called Slandy?  Send a note, and he’ll be happy to enlighten you.

Other team members include:


Doug has extensive experience across manufacturing, marketing, and product development experience at a former “Big 3” auto manufacturer. During a 3 year period in M&S, I worked with large fleet customers, set dealer and retail prices for the companies small cars and developed a competitive analysis system. During other rotations I worked in a Casting Facility as maintenance foreman and led the product development finance team for a new Crossover Sport Utility. A long time enthusiast, I write from the perspective of a “sports sedan” enthusiast. Prior / current rides include the Volvo S60R, BMW M5, Mazda RX-7, Jaguar S-Type, and Lincoln LS. With an emphasis on performance, interior quality (materials and fit / finish), and ergonomics, I hope you will find my critiques directed today helping “sporty” car buyers make the right decision.

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