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In what I hope will be a regular feature of The Slandy Report, here is the first installment of PORC.  The name should be self-explanatory.  If you would like to contribute to PORC, just send in a picture with a description to

Saturn Vue "SE Sport"

Saturn Vue "SE Sport"

Spotted today (20 March 2009) in Novi, MI is this Saturn VUE.  Note the “series” badge on the right side of the liftgate.  Says, “SE Sport”.  Not only has the Saturn VUE never had such a series designation, this badge is from a Ford Windstar!  If you’re going to steal a badge, at least do it in some attempt to make your car cooler, not dorkier!

"Turbo" Nissan Maxima

"Turbo" Nissan Maxima

Spotted 25 April 2009 (again in Novi, Michigan) is this “turbo” Nissan Maxima.  This person at least had the good sense to steal a badge that makes their car appear cooler.  It appears to be a turbo badge from a Porsche, but I’m willing to entertain opposing views here.  It is clearly not a badge that came with the car, mostly because Nissan has NEVER made a turbo Maxima!

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